The Zen (Chán) Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun (ZBOHY) was founded on November 8, 1997 by the monk, Jy Din Shakya. then Abbot of the Hsu Yun temple in Hawaii.  The following year Jy Din escorted Chuan Zhi to China for full ordination and established him as Abbot of Hsu Yun Chán Yuan ( 虛 雲 禪 苑 ), The Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun.
ZBOHY has grown to include many solo practitioners, as well as sanghas and practice centers throughout the world. It's mission: to make the study and practice of Chán Buddhism accessible to Westerners using  terms and concepts that are readily understood within the context of our native societies and cultures, and to provide an open online resource center for the study and promotion of Chán teachings. 
We hold no bias toward any particular cultural expressions of Buddhism and embrace varied and multiple approaches to practice and teachings according to the needs of the individual or group.  We provide equal access to all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, previous religious background, or personal history. Our members abstain from political and other discussions and debates that do not serve the Dharma and they do not engage in conflict with or among other individuals and groups.
Our order is a non-profit organization and we accept no money and rely entirely on the kindness of non-monetary donations of time and good-will to support our online presence.
In the broad view, anyone can “do” Chán—it is not restricted solely to Buddhists. For this reason, the majority of information available to the public on our website is without significant bias toward Buddhism or other religious perspectives, but focusses specifically on aspects of the spiritual journey itself.
For those interested in the Buddhist tapestry that has woven itself around Chán for over two millennia, registering on the website will give access to additional materials related more specifically to Chán and Buddhism.  Registering also enables visitors to engage in our discussion forum and to submit documents for posting.