Updated January, 2018
The Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun (ZBOHY, 虛 雲 禪 苑) was founded by the monk, Jy Din Shakya, Abbot of the Hsu Yun temple in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1997.  He affectionately named the Order after his master, Hsu Yun.  His purpose for the Order was to provide a monastically-sanctioned online repository of information about Chan Buddhism.  Chuan Zhi, who he ordained the same year, was installed as “abbot” of the new internet-based order, a title that was officially conferred upon him in China the following year. 
During the subsequent two decades, the order grew as new Chan aficionados became involved in its mission.  Some of these enthusiastic individuals received ordination through the Order in the traditional Chinese lineage tradition.  Many of the articles and much of the poetry and art on this website are a product of the collaborative efforts of clergy and community supporters throughout its two-decade tenure.
The religious order of ZBOHY was dissolved in 2018 due to waning interest from clerics and in-fighting among them.  While these behaviors commonly arise within any group, they are not supportive of the purpose and objective of the Order.  Additionally, several of the Order’s clerics set off independently and without authority to create their own “ZBOHYs” in other states, claiming ownership for themselves while propounding divisive rhetoric targeting other religions, religious groups, religious practices and individual Chan practitioners. 
While the Order has ceased, Jy Din’s vision for an online learning center that can connect with a Western audience continues to inspire us to provide resources for Chan through this website, Exploring Chan.  In the spirit of Chan, we encourage our readers to offer ideas and suggestions for new content, and submit their own commentaries, essays, poetry, and visual arts to share with the greater community.  For more information about Exploring Chan, click here.