Painting, Poems, and Haiku by Yao Feng
Tasmania, Australia, Photos by Ronbo.

The walls of cool mist,
dance with the morning sun.
Far off the birds sing and call,
riding the early morning breeze.
Soon the mountains are crisp and clear
in the newness of dawn.
All thoughts of this world, vanish in nature's breast.


All is one with the Dao.

no moon tonight
only burnt stars
and wattles in the breeze

bright sun
strong autumn winds
trees sparkle

man and dog
walking in mountains
Zen heart

far away
riding the wind

small puppy
buries his biscuit
under the pages of my book

this moment
all thoughts
have emptied in the wind


old cushion
faded by sun
holds a sleeping dog

mother and baby
taking new steps
on short cut grass
grey rain
falling like a blanket
in a long wet kiss

tall dead trees
a ghostly white
across the dark mountain