Archestructures The Art and Poetry of Chuan Kong


Withering Flowers
Withered flowers
Die and live, live and die;
Seamless unfolding.
A southern cloud
Now covers the whole earth;
Compassionate rain.
Old and motionless-
Songthrush with fluffed feathers;
Written in black ink.
Deep Alchemy
Looking deeper still
Within; the ancient mirror,
Gone, suddenly gone.
Dripping ambrosia,
Iridescent humming bird;
Glad song in the ear.
Mu #2
Even emptiness
Empties itself inside out;
Our cups overflow!
Now this new bright face
Shines in the emptiness;
Thus! All is so clear.

Hanging Garden (emptiness)
What are all these marks?
Thus comes the Tathagata;
Bright hanging garden.
Hanging Garden