The Mind knows beyond far
here a blooming weed
out there a fading star


Sitting Through It

Thoughts of my hometown...
how many worlds are there,
shimmering in and out of the mind?


Tao Lesson

We hear the wind whisper in languages foreign
And study one cloud through a hall of mirrors.
Sights and sounds understood by none.
No nouns, no verbs, just numberless visions;
all realities of course, but on shaky ground.
Oh, my brothers and sisters,
don't stand on faith for distant weather.
If you want to see what it really is,
be the reflector and not the reflection.
There are no motionless clouds.
The wind of time nudges every living ghost.


The High Cost of Living

Planting Bodhi Trees?
The cost of their shade is great.
Value of the currency must be large.
Therefore, work must not stop.


Looking Back

"Empty" is a hard word at times.
On the far shore, home lights
sparkle like diamonds.
Behind me, in the distance,
only distance.