bird-flyingWhen I look at the sky
I see birds flying free;
Oh, I wish I were them, I tell myself:
They are so detached from gravity
Which tries to pull them down all the time.

But somehow,
They manage to use their wings
To deceive it and escape from it.
They fly with the help from the wind--
Sometimes even against it:
Against the obvious cool breeze.

How wise they are!
They do not complain;
Neither about the wind, nor gravity,
It has always been there:
It is innate, they were born knowing that.
Things contribute to their failure, to keep them to the ground,
But they use them as allies!

Despite all the challenges flying presents to them
They perceive they were born to fly--
They were not taught, but guided.

This goes with us humans too:
We have innate abilities that no one can teach us.
But some men will never learn
To open the wings and fly free.