Structures built to last for generations have crumbled in moments. Countless lives lost and families irrevocably altered in less time than it takes to park a car.

What kind of compassionate response can we possibly make? The obvious things like working at the scene or donating our fortunes are beyond most of us. Yet we wish to do something,

We can.

In the face of all the chaos and drama, wrapped in words amd images like strait-jackets, we can keep our own hearts peaceful. We can examine ourselves for any traces of hatred, greed, anger, and judgement. We can act, think and speak from a place of loving- kindness in our everyday lives - to everyone - living our practice and inspiring others. We can restrict our intake of electronic fear and revenge. We can remind ourselves continually of our true nature. We can help a sick neighbor.

We can do the next thing in front of us to do, no matter what, with so much love that it ripples out like a sweet wind-kiss to touch all Beings. This brings a sense of the sacred to the world, the greatest possible contribution.