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To be true

Dialogue: Protagonists

Three characters will accompany us throughout this book: I, me and Oneself. They will live under our eyes the fundamental existential drama of any human existence and will make us discover art to release itself some. In this first dialogue let us discover we them in their specificities.

That it or not is wanted, I am there to last. I have experience of that which knows and the vision from which will go far in the life. Without me, how would the world go ?

Me, all that interests me, it is to be well. Happy what…

I (with ego):
For this reason and me let us be plain for you like the fingers of the hand.

Speak, speak, my good friends. You do not know it yet, but it is me only who have the first and the last word. One day or the other you will end up understanding that apart from me, there is nothing which is in oneself, but that all is from Self, i.e. from me.

Me (with Self):
Oh, you and your philosophages! I am enough tall to clear up me! I will build my happiness without you and your principles,… and am ready to put the price at it…!

The price? Which price? Don't you know that happiness is not a food product that one compromises? And what it can't of this fact of being acquired price n the other hand?

I (with ego):
Does not listen to it. You and me, we you will find it your happiness. You know it so much… that I am your marrow, your heart, your major voice! You and me, we are made same fabric, same piece of wood!

Thank you my old man. You you include/understand me.

Normal, you are me and I am you…

Oneself (with itself):

Ah youth! Let us let do it its experiments…

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