What is it about us humans that we seek, with such ferocity, to belong to a group, to the extent that some of us will believe whatever we are told to believe for the sake of the group? We put our own identity aside in favor of the group's identity. That's what we saw in the People's Church of Jim Jones in the extreme - and it lead to mass suicide and murder. Are we all susceptible of "losing ourselves to the mob?" 

Dear Lord, let me not be a follower of people
But a follower of Your Light

Dear Lord, let me not lay judgment on others
But seek understanding and compassion

Dear Lord, let me not stray from Your Sight
But should I falter, may Your Grace draw me back
-- Anonymous

November 18, 2008 marked 30 years since Jim Jones and his followers created one of the most horrific tragedies against humanity in recorded history: the slaughter of hundreds of men, women, and children of all ages: death by gunshot and by poison. Some took their own lives willingly after killing their children first. Others, more hesitant, were killed by their family members by forced injections of cyanide.

There was widespread belief that many of those who failed to die from poison or who tried to escape were shot instead, but only two people were found with lethal bullet wounds: Annie Moore, who left behind a suicide note; and Jim Jones himself.

Images of the aftermath of the slaughter were too horrific for us to comprehend. There was no way for us to make sense of what the media was telling us. And showing us.

Today it is still just as hard to wrap our minds around what happened. Why did it happen? It's easy to look at this tragedy as a fluke: "It could never happen to me" we say. "Never would I have been a member of such a cult. Those people were surly not sane people."

Maybe we're right. But maybe we're wrong.

What is it about us humans that we seek, with such ferocity, to belong to a group, to the extent that some of us will believe whatever we are told to believe for the sake of the group? We put our own identity aside in favor of the group's identity. That's what we saw in the People's Temple of Jim Jones in the extreme - and it lead to mass suicide and murder.

Are we all susceptible of "losing ourselves to the mob?"

I think it is a potential, at least, that we are. And I think we must be extraordinarily watchful of our own tendencies to identify with groups of all kinds, not just religious groups. If we reflect on the evolution of our species, it involved the close inter-dependence of individuals within the group for survival. We are here today for the simple reason that we instinctually identify with the group - an instinct we inherited from our ancestors who survived precisely because it aided their survival. There's no reason to think that just because we've become "civilized" over the last few hundreds - or thousands - of years that this instinct has disappeared. Such primal survival instincts evolve over millions of years, not thousands.

And if we look closer, we can see ourselves living out this very group-identification instinct in many ways. Although we may not be a member of a religious cult, are we a member of a political party with which we identify strongly? Are we members of a church in which we feel so strongly that we would, silently or vocally, shun those who are not members, or at the least, try to convert them to join up? Do we not join the military to "fight for our country" by putting our own lives in the line of fire for the cause of the group - our country - killing those who oppose our country, our group?

I don't intend to delve into this topic in great depth, for it is likely a bottomless pit that I could not climb out of … but it is valuable to see the bigger picture. An event like the Jonestown massacre, or the Nazi concentration camps, help us to remember that we are all potentially susceptible to being drawn into a situation where we commit horrible acts against ourselves and against others.

It's critically important that we watch for signs along the way if we want to keep ourselves out of trouble. The concern isn't whether or not we can or should belong to a group, but we should always ask ourselves if it is a group with sound moral, social, and ethical principles. Does the group exist for the sake of the group, or for the sake of the individuals in it? The moment a group exists to serve itself, it's time to depart and blow the whistle. Several of those in Jonestown did just that and were able to escape the compound shortly before the massacre. 

Many of the followers of the People's Temple had so strongly identified with the group that they were ready and willing to kill themselves, their children, and their parents. Obedience to the group, for them, had become blind obedience. We must never allow ourselves to become blind. Our eyes must penetrate this tremendous force - this instinct - hardwired in our psyche that encourages us to join a group and follow-the-leader. That is the only way we can be assured of not falling into a pit we can't climb out of. We must stop before we fall in.

The people living in the community of Jonestown were ordinary people like you and me. People with ideals of helping others, of sharing their goods with those in need. They worked together to build houses and clinics and schools. They shared in each other's joys and sorrows. They were good people who died a tragic death, a death that happened because many of them had closed their eyes to themselves. They lost sight of the sacred nature of life. When we lose this sight, we lose our humanity. Can there be any greater loss?

What can we do to prevent ourselves from inadvertently falling into the darkness, that darkness that led to the Jonestown massacre? We can be cautious when joining groups of any kind. And if we do join a group, we can ask ourselves some crucial questions:

  • Does the group exist principally to serve itself?
  • Does the leader denigrate other groups or other individuals?
  • Does the leader seek control over the group by threats, violence, or public humiliation of its congregants?
  • Does the leader elevate himself or herself over the group with self-proclaimed "higher levels of understanding," or spiritual attainment?

Or …

  • Does the group provide a service for the greater good of humanity?
  • Does the group seek to serve even those who are not members of the group?
  • Does the group allow congregants to leave as freely as they came?
  • Does the leader serve with humility and compassion?

The decision is always ours - how we choose to live our lives, how we choose to treat others, how we choose to treat ourselves. We can make those choices based on our sense of connection to humanity, or we can make those choices based on our desire for disassociation from it. One way leads to freedom, the other, entrapment. Utopia exists not in a communal enclave, but within our very own skin. As hard as we may try to look outward to find it, we never will find it there. It's in the opposite direction. In our own hearts.

Where we look, is where we go.



For more information about Jonestown, the People's Temple, visit the following websites:

The following is a list of all those who Died 30 years ago at Jonestown at their own hands or the hands of their neighbors. Nine hundred and eighteen people died that day, including Representative Leo Ryan NBC correspondent Don Harris, NBC soundman Bob Brown, newspaper photographer Greg Robinson, and Temple defector Patty Parks, who were shot to death at the local airstrip.

This list was compiled by Fielding M. McGehee III from a number of different sources. These sources include: the U.S. Department of State list released on 17 December 1978; the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee report on the assassination of Rep. Leo J. Ryan, published 15 May 1979; the Jonestown/Guyana Memorial Wall Committee list prepared in October 1995; Peoples Temple records and censuses which the organization maintained in Jonestown; documents released under the Freedom of Information Act from the FBI in 2002; and individuals whose friends and relatives died on 18 November 1978.

This list has been created, and is updated as new information becomes available, by "Alternative Considerations of Jonestown and Peoples Temple," sponsored by the Department of Religious Studies at San Diego State University.


To view the most recent updates, please visit their website. The listing below was last updated on August 1, 2008.


The 918 Deaths of November 18, 1978

Stephen Michael Addison • Ida Marie Albudy • Lillian Boyd Alexander

Linda Sharon Amos • Martin Laurence Amos • Wayborn Christa Amos  

Jerome Dwayne Anderson • Marcus Anthony Anderson

Marice St. Martin Anderson • Orelia Anderson • Samuel Moses Anderson

Shantrell Akpon Anderson • Tommy Lee Anderson • Luberta “Birdie” Arnold

Linda Theresa Arterberry • Ricardo David Arterberry

Traytease Lanette Arterberry • Lydia Atkins • Ruth Atkins

Viola Elaine Backmon • Monique Bacon • Geraldine Harriet Bailey

Mary Jane Bailey • James Samuel Baisy, Jr. • Jon Deshi Baisy • Kecia Baisy

Shirley Mae Wilson Baisy • Siburi Jamal Baisy • Trinidette Cornner Baisy

Wanda Wilson Baisy • Eric Tyrone Baker • Jair Alexander Baker

Shawn Valgen Baker • Tarik Earl Baker • Mary B. Baldwin 

Rory LaVate Bargeman • Terence Vair Bargeman • Becky Ann Barrett

Ben Franklyn Barrett • Cathy Ann Stahl Barrett • Jack Darlington Barron

Christine Ella Mae Bates • Geneva Mattie Beal • Eleanor Marie Beam

Jack Lovell Beam • Rheaviana Wilson Beam • Daniel James Beck

Rebecca May Beikman • Ronald La Mont Beikman • Alfred Bell

Beatrice Claudine Bell  • Carlos Lee Bell, Jr. • Elsie Ingraham Bell

Ethel Mathilda Belle • Lena Mae Mary Camp Benton • Yolanda Patrice Berkley

Daniel Bernard Berry • Ronnie Dewayne Berryman • Julia Birkley

Mary Love Black • Odell Blackwell • Ernestine Hines Blair • Norya Blair

Marilee Faith Bogue • Selika Glordine Bordenave • Claudia Jo Norris Bouquet

Pierre Brian Bouquet • Corlis Denise Conley Boutte • Mark Anthony Boutte

Donald Robert Bower • Kenneth Bernard Bowie • Anthony Bowman

Delores Bowman • Edna May Bowman • Regina Michelle Bowser

Georgianne Patricia Brady • Michaeleen Patricia Brady

Michelle Margaret Brady • Avis Jocelyn Garcia Breidenbach

Lois “Rocky” Fontaine Breidenbach • Melanie Lee Breidenbach

Wesley Karl Breidenbach • Dorothy Ann Brewer • Kimberly Louise Brewster

Miller Bridgewater • Juanita Jean Bright • Lawrence George “Babo” Bright III

Ruby Jean Bright • Amanda Denise Brown • Jerross Keith Brown

Joyce Marie Polk Brown • Luella Holmes Brown • Robert O. Brown

Ruletta Brown • Yolanda Delaine Brown • Lucioes Bryant • Princeola Bryant

Christopher Calvin Buckley • Dorothy Helen Buckley

Frances Elizabeth Buckley • Loreatha Buckley

Minnie Luna Mae Murral Buckley • Odesta (Odessa) Buckley

Rosie Lee Burgines • William Paul Sean “Billy” Bush

Ruthie Mae Quinn Cain • Beyonka Rena Cameron • Ronald Ray Campbell, Jr.

Mary Francis Canada • Thelma Doris Mattie Ross Cannon

The 918 Deaths of November 18, 1978Vities Rochele “Vita” Cannon • Jeffrey James Carey • Karen Yvette Carr

D’Artangan Angelino Carroll • Dante Augustine Carroll III

Randall Earl Carroll • Rondell Jerome Carroll • Ruby Jewell Carroll

Wrangell Dwayne Smith Carroll • Gloria Maria Rodriguez Carter

Jocelyn Brown Carter • Kaywana Mae Carter  • Malcolm J. Carter

Maurice Chaunte Carter • Patricia Ann “Patty” Cartmell

Patricia Pauline “Trisha” Cartmell • Tyrone James Cartmell

Walter Clayton Cartmell • Sophia Lauren Casanova • Mary Frances Castillo

William Richard Castillo • Georgia Mae Catney • Stephanie Katrina Chacon

David Lee Chaikin • Eugene Bernard Chaikin • Gail Stephanie Chaikin

Phyllis Alexander Chaikin • Jossie Evelyn Chambliss • Loretta Diane Chavis

Robert Louis Christian • Robert Louis Christian II • Tina Rayette Christian

Vernetta Carolyn Christian • Mary Louise “Marylou” Meyer Clancey 

Joicy Ellis Clark • Leola Laverne Clarke • Nancy Clay

Ida Mae Pleasant Clipps • Brenda Carole Cobb • Joel Raymond Cobb

Sharon Rose Swaney Cobb • Arlander Cole • Arvella Cole • Mary Coleman

Ruth Virginia Coleman • Susie Lee Collins • Inez Stricklin Conedy

Angela Maria Connesero • Bertha Pearl Cook • Mary Ella Cook

Barbara Jeanne Cordell • Candace Kay Cordell • Chris Mark Cordell

Cindy Lyn Cordell • Edith Excell Cordell • James Joseph Cordell

Julie Rene Cordell • Loretta Mae Coomer Cordell • Mabel Joy Cordell 

Natasha LaNa Cordell • Richard William Cordell, Jr. • Rita Diane Cordell

Teresa Laverne Cordell • Carrie Lee Corey • Ricky Anthony Corey

Mary Maide Cottingham • Lucy Crenshaw • Millie Stearn Cunningham

Betty Leon Daniel • Steve Nathaniel Daniel III • Michael Daniels

Najahjuanda Jherenelle Darnes • Newhuanda Rhenelle Darnes

Ollie B. (Elondwaynion Jhontera) Darnes II 

Searcy Llewellyn (Braunshaunski) Darnes  • Velma Lee (Najuandrienne) Darnes

Hazel Frances Dashiell • Barbara Marie Davis • Brian Andrew Davis

Celeste Marie Vento Davis • Cynthia Marie Davis • Deron Kentae Davis

Frances Bernadette Davis • Gerina Maxine Davis • Isabel Davis

Isabell Minnie Davis • Johannah Danielle Davis • Lexie Smith Davis

Margarita Virginia Romano Davis  • Robert Edwin Davis • Beatrice Dawkins

Derek Dawson • Lovie Hattie Ann De Pina • Burger Lee Dean

Edith Fredonia Delaney • Tammi Sherrel Delihaussaye • Eddie Lee Dennis

Ellihue Dennis • Gabriel Dennis • Orde Dennis • Ronnie Dennis

Acquinetta Evon “Anita” Robertson Devers  • Darrell Audwin Devers

Roseana Eartia Dickerson • Bessie Lee Dickson • Violatt Esther Dillard

Katherine Martha Domineck • Farene Douglas • Joyce Lalar Douglas

Nena Belle Downs • Exia Marie Lawrence Duckett

Jeanette Blugina Harrell Duckett (Dee Dee Lawrence) Ronald Charles Duckett (Nicky Lawrence) • Corrie Duncan

Ebony Patrice Duncan • Sonje Regina Duncan • Verdella Duncan

Ellen Louise “Penny” Kerns Dupont • Florine Dyson • Irene Eddins

Irene Edwards • Issac Edwards, Jr. • James Edwards

Shirley Ann Newell Edwards • Zipporah Edwards • Erin Jahna Eichler

Evelyn Marie Eichler • Laetitia Marie Eichler (Tish LeRoy)

Ever Rejoicing (Amanda Ella Poindexter) • Tinetra LaDese Fain 

Amanda Fair • Sylvester Clarence Fair

Barbara Louise Farrell • Marshall Farris • Michael Donnell Felton

Donald James Fields • Lori Beth Fields • Mark Evan Fields • Shirlee Ann Fields

Felawnta Tyece Finley • Lucretia Yvette Finley • Casey Nakyia Finney

Betty Jean Bender Fitch • Dawnyelle Fitch • Donald Kirk Fitch

Maureen Cynthia Talley Fitch • Michelle Renee Wagner Fitch

Raymond Xavier Fitch • Thomas Ray Fitch • Rebecca Ann Flowers

Toi Fonzelle • Anthony Lamar Ford • Edward Lee Ford • Fannie Ford

Mary Lee Ford • Viola Belle Duncan Forks • Hue Ishi Fortson, Jr.

Rhonda Denise Fortson • Beulah Foster • Betty Jewel Fountain

Frankie Jay Fountain • Jewel Lynn “Tiny” Fountain

Christopher Darnnell Franklin • Laketta Lashun Franklin

Robert Eddie Lee Franklin, Jr. • Constance Janet Frohm • Shiron Fulton

Kimberly Anne Fye Bof William Gallie • Cleveland Desmond Garcia

Mary Helen Garcia • Susan Garcia

Tanya Rena Cox Garcia • Tiffany La Trice Garcia

John Lawrence Gardener • Danielle Gardfrey • Dominique Gardfrey

Kenneth Darren “Dude” Gardfrey  • Shonda Marie Gaylor • Herman W. Gee

David George • Gabrielle George • Philip George • Eugenia Gernandt

Mattie Gibson • Jason Gieg • Renee Elaine Gieg • Robert Wendell Gieg

Stanley Brian Gieg • Betty Jean Gill • Irma Lee Gill • James Gill

Viola May Godshalk • Henry Lee Logan Gomez • Wanda Denise Gomez 

Claude Goodspeed • Lue Dimple Goodspeed • David Lee Goodwin

Mark Hartley Gosney • Willie James Grady • Willie Lee Graham • Juanita Green

Anitra Rochelle Greene • Amondo Griffith • Camella Griffith

Emmett Alexander Griffith, Jr. • Mae Kathryn Griffith • Marrian Louise Griffith

Mary Magdaline Griffith • Frankie Lee Grigsby • Ronald Windus Grimm

Susan L. Grimm • Tina Lynn Grimm • Pauline Groot

Clark Andrew Smith Grubbs • Gerald Richard Grubbs (Ken Norton)

Kelly Franklin Smith Grubbs • Kevan Deane Smith Grubbs

Lemuel Thomas Grubbs II • Sylvia Elaine Grubbs • Patricia Lee Grunnet

Mercedese Mavis Clare Guidry • Jann Elizabeth Gurvich • Brian Guy

Keith LeJon Guy • Kimberley Denee Guy • Ottie Mese Guy

Sharitta Renae Guy • Thurman Guy III • Rochelle Dawana Halkman  Carl Gloster Hall • Heloise Janice Hall • Eddie James Hallmon

Francine Renita Mason Hallmon • Tiquan Ramon Hallmon

Hassan Ali Hannley • Karen Marie Harms • Artee Harper • Ollie B. Harrington

Annie Mae Harris • Don Harris • Dorothy (Shajhuanna) Lesheene Harris

Josephine Harris • Liane Harris • Magnolia Costella Harris • Nevada Harris

Willie Maude (Constance Nicole) Harris • Eyvonne Paris Hayden

Florence Edith Heath • Michael DeAngelo Heath • Heavenly Love (Helen Ford)

Joseph Leo Helle III (Joe Beam) • Beatrice Mattie Henderson

Charles Douglas “Chuckie” Henderson • Charles Garry Henderson

Kenya Lakiah Henderson • Patricia Ann Bowman Henderson

Nena Davidson Herring • Anthony Allan Hicks • Marthea Ann Hicks

Romaldo Benjamin Hicks • Shirley Pat Hicks • Emma Mae Hill

Osialee Hilton • Bernell Maurice Tardy Hines • Mable Ellen Walker Hines

Rosa Mae Hines • Tanai Claudine-LeDese Holliday

Peter Holmes, Jr. (John Harris) • Hazel Lark Horne • Judy Lynn Houston

Patricia Dian Houston • Phyllis Dian Tuttle Houston • Doris Helen Howard

Barbara Faye Hoyer • Judith Kay Stahl Ijames • Maya Lisa Ijames

Alice Lorraine Inghram • Ava Jillon Inghram • Beatrice Alberta Jackson

Beatrice Mazell Burl Jackson • Darrell Dwayne Martin Jackson

David Betts “Pop” Jackson • Donald Francis Jackson • Eileen Renee Jackson

Gladys Margarette Jackson • Jonathan Jackson

Kathryn Denise Graumann Jackson • Leticia Lyn Jackson • Lourece Jackson

Luvenia “Mom” Jackson • Paulette Karen Kelley Jackson

Ralph Edwin Jackson • Richard Stuart Jackson • Rosa Lee Jackson

Thelma Jackson • Lavana James • Margaret James • Ronald De Val James

Toni Denise James • Daren Richard Janaro • Mauri Kay Janaro • Eartis Jeffery

Margrette Jeffery • Berda “Birdie” Truss Johnson • Bessie Marie Jance Johnson

Bette Jean Guy Byrd Johnson • Carma Lisa Johnson • Clara LaNue Johnson

Denise Johnson • Derek Damone Johnson • DeShon Johnson

Earl Luches Joseph Johnson • Garnett Blake Johnson

Garry Dartez “Poncho” Johnson • Gerald Duane Johnson • Gleniel Johnson

Gwendolyn Joyce Johnson • Helen Johnson • Irra Jean Johnson

James Douglas Johnson • Janice Arlene Johnson • Jessie Ann Johnson

Joe Johnson, Jr. • Koya Tynisa Johnson • Mahaley Johnson

Maisha Danika Johnson • Mary Allie Johnson • Mary E. Johnson

Naomi Esther Johnson • Patsy Ruth Johnson • Richard Lee “Ricky” Johnson

Robert Johnson • Robert Keith Johnson • Ruby Lee Johnson

Saleata Lateais Johnson • Samuel Lee Johnson • Thomas William Johnson

Verna Lisa (Shawntiki) Johnson  • Willa JoAnn Johnson

Adline “Addie” B. Jones • Agnes Pauline Jones • Annette Teresa Jones

Ava Phenice Cobb Brown Jones • Brenda Yvonne Brown Jones Chaeoke Warren Jones • Earnest Jones • Eliza Jones • Forrest Ray Jones

James Arthur “Jimbo” Bishop Jones • James Warren Jones

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Larry Darnell Jones • Lerna Veshaun Jones • Lew Eric Jones

Marceline Mae Baldwin Jones • Marchelle Jacole Jones

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Monyelle Maylene Jones • Nancy Mae Jones • Sandra Yvette Cobb Jones

Stephanie Lynn Bishop Jones • Timothy “Night” Borl Jones

Valerie Yvette Jones • Vellersteane Jones • Yvette Louise Muldrow Jones

William Dillon Dean Jones • Dessie Jones Jordan • Fannie Alberta Jordan

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Rosa Lorenda Mae Keaton • Tommie Sheppard Keaton, Sr.

Elaine Roslyn “Pat” Keeler • Darell Eugene Keller

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Robert Edward Kice • Thomas David Kice, Sr. • Thomas David Kice II

Charlotte King • Leola King • Teresa Lynn King • Wanda Bonita King

Carolyn Ann Thomas Kirkendall • Sharon Jean Kislingbury

April Heather Klingman • Clarence Elmer Cole Klingman

Martha Ellen Cole Klingman • Matthew Todd Cole Klingman

William Arnold Cole Klingman • Demosthenis “Dan” Kutulas • Edith Kutulas

Donna Louise Briggs Lacy • Georgia Lee Lacy • Tony Oscar Linton Lacy

Pearl Land • Lossie Mae Lang • Carrie Ola Langston • Marianita Langston

Zuretti Jenicer Langston • Jameel Regina Lawrence • Nawab Lawrence

Carolyn Louise Moore Layton • Karen Lea Tow Layton • Daisy Lee

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Lisa Michelle Lewis • Lue Ester Lewis • Beverly Marie Geraldine Livingston

Jerry Dwight Livingston • Gordon Evrette Lockett • Carolyn Sue Looman

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